Terms and conditions

Cut A Dash- terms
  1. We recommend that clients bring the correct shoes and/or underwear for their outfit during fittings. Once the garment is finished, it may not be possible to rectify the length if it is not correct. We reserve the right to make an additional charge for any further alteration so incurred. 
  2. All garments must be clean before being brought in for alterations. We reserve the right to reject dirty garments.
  3. If garments are pinned by client they will be altered as they pinned but we will advise you to do it in our shop.
  4. SHRINKAGE  : We advise you to follow the care labels instructions of your new clothing and we recommend you to wash them for shrinkage before altering these clothing.
  5. DEPOSIT : We require 50% deposit for orders over £20.
  6. PICK UP TIME / DAY : The pick up time and day is only approximate, please always allow extra time or give us a call before your intended collection to make sure your order is ready.
  7. We strongly advise you to allow enough time to try your altered garment before collection in order to avoid any disappointments when you arrive home.
  8. REFUNDS  : If you are not happy with the price quoted to you, you must discuss it with us before any work is started and/or completed.
  9. UNCLAIMED GARMENTS : Not paid & unclaimed garments will be discarded within one month from drop off. Only fully paid garments will be stored.
  10. EXPRESS SERVICE : If you need something done urgently we can do this for you at an extra charge of 50% from the cost of the service required.
  11. Off cuts will be recycled unless the client specifically requests otherwise. 
  12. All work must be paid for before garments can be removed. We accept cash payments, card payments ( Visa , MasterCard, Maestro) and bank transfers. 

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